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CardFor A Cause

*This FANTASTIC program is your ideal fundraiser!


*Earn $13 per box sold.


*Five different decorative boxes are available. Each contains 30 beautifully embellished, hand-crafted greeting cards with matching envelopes. The Holiday card box contains 50 cards!


How does it work?


*Collect Card Box orders-15 minimum. Each box sells for $30, and you get $13 per box.


*Keep your profit upfront and free shipping!


*Boxes arrive within 1-2 weeks at your designated location for distribution to your buyers.

Book Drives


Book Drives and Book Fairs are a fun way for organizations to get books into the hands of those they service, while earning free books and educational toys. 

I work with anyone who wants to build or add to their library. I am a certified Educational Services Representative with PaperPie and can work with schools that are not already represented by a Brand Partner with PaperPie as well! 

Here are the details! 

There are two ways that a virtual book fair can work. I can make a special link for families to order from and your organization/preschool gets rewarded with free books and/or educational toys. Orders over $30 ship free to the family's home. 


We also have the option of doing a bulk book order. Families let us know what books they would like and then I put in the order and we then distribute the books. This option has free shipping on the bulk order, but it does have a minimum of $250. Once we hit $250, your organization starts to get rewarded with a 50% match. With this option, I would send over forms for families to take home and add books to. 


Example: $300 in sales through the bulk order gets  $150 free books, etc.


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